This is a pick your own adventure thing where you survive the zombie apocalypse (IF THERE IS REALLY A ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE, DO NOT DO WHAT I LISTED IN THE PICK YOUR ADVENTURE)

Years have past since the zombies started invading. Your family is dead and you need to get away from the zombies raiding your house. To go outside, you get to your car without attracting the zombies if you put on a costume. Which one do you put on?

1:Super Robby Costume
2: Zombie costume

If you chose 1: the costume works, the zombies back off. Then superRobby sees that you are impersonating him. YOU IDIOT. He kills you. You die.

If you chose 2: You get to your car. But… THERE ARE ZOMBIES IN THE BACK SEAT! What do you do?

3: shoot them
4: Jump to the back and beat them up

If you chose 3:You grab your gun, but it isn’t loaded. YOU IDIOT. You reach for the ammo, the zombies bite you. You die.

If you chose 4: you jump back and kill them. But, YOU IDIOT. You didn’t lock the doors, the zombies are coming through the door, do you

5: Shoot them
6: jump to the front and beat them up

If you chose 5: Your gun is loaded, you are shooting them, but they are getting in the car too fast. YOU IDIOT. You can’t lock the door from back here. 10000 zombies come in. You die.

If you choose 6: You beat them up and lock the door. The car is almost out of gas. You arrive at 7 11 and

7: roll the window down and gas up
8: get out, fill up, and buy supplies.

You chose 7: a zombie arm grabs you from the window and the zombie eats you. You die.

Chose 8: you get out. You notice a zombie smashed on your door. “I’m so glad I opened the door instead of rolling down the window. That zombie could’ve eaten me” you think. You go inside. OH NO the cashier is a zombie! Do you

9: shoot him
10: Throw pork Rinds at him

Chose 9: YOU IDIOT. It’s a bullet proof zombie. He eats you, you die.

Chose 10: you throw pork rinds at him. But he eats them all. BUT he eats so much, he explodes. Then…

11: the ice cream man comes.
12: More zombies come.

11: The ice cream man comes. You order a triple banana chocolate split, but. THE ICE CREAM MAN IS A ZOMBIE! He eats you. You die.

12: Zombie come. You go to your car. But, YOU IDIOT! You didn’t close the door, now all the zombies are in your car. Do you

13: shoot them
14: find a new car

13: You shoot at them, but you accidentally hit the gas tank. BOOM! The gas station explodes, and you die.

14: You go over to the other car at the gas station. Your friend Levi is in it. He is getting pulled out by zombies. Do you

15: Help him
16: Push him out

15: You help him, but a zombie grabs your arm while you are helping him. He bite you. You die.

16: You push him out, and drive off. You drive to the Zombie Nuclear Reactor core that is causing dead people to become zombies. You drive to Las Vegas, and you run into a wall. Do you…

17: Punch the wall
18: Lick the wall

17: You punch the wall. Your hand gets cut on the bricks and it gets infected. You die.

18: You lick it. It opens up into a refugee camp. The guard tells you that you can get in for $1,000,000,000,000,000,000. You realize that this Zombie invasion was a plot so the guy who made the Zombie Nuclear Reactor Core could get lots of money. Do you…

19: Jump over the camp.
20: Pay up and walk through the camp to get to the core on the other side.

19: You jump as high as you can. As you are flying across the camp, you get shot for trespassing. You die.

20: You Pay up. All you have is 50cents because you used all your other money on gas and pork rinds. The guard gets mad and takes you to his boss. DR.PROFESSOR.DUMBHEAD. He gets out a missile launcher. You…

21: Move 5 steps to the left to avoid the missile.
22: Jump out of the way right when the missile is about to hit you.

21: YOU IDIOT. It’s a heat seeking missile. It follows you, hits you, explodes. BOOOOOOOOM. You die.

22: You jump right before it hits you. It hits the ZNRC that you were standing in front of, and it explodes. All the zombies turn back into humans. dies, you saved everyone, you are a hero. CONGRADULATIONS.
The End.


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