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Every site needs one of these. Anyway, SuperFolders can comment on here. BEWARE I will search your name on to see if you really are a superfolder. I will also delete spam.

EX of something I would delete: Notasuperfolder said: Hello, I hate Tom’sbooks.
Ex of something i would delete: Spammer said: Buy my product and view my site.
(I have been getting lots of spam lately. If your comment has more than one link, your comment ends up in my spam file.)

EX of something I wont delete: Notasuperfolder said: I love Tom’s bokks, but I cant be a SF.

So, the site rules DO aply here. (and on the whole site for that matter)



70 thoughts on “SuperFolder’s Random Stuff Discussion Page

  1. I like the background. And I don’t think EVERY blog needs one, but I’m glad you did put one up.

  2. Dragon army

    • Ghost Army!!!

      • POOP ARMY

  3. I got disney infinity for Christmas,and I wanna know what disneys planning for it in the future. If any folders got DI,what characters do you guys want added? I’d like them to add Star Wars characters and spiderman and maybe add a gravity falls playset.

      • They should has a lab rats play set. My sister thinks it would be cool to add an artemis fowl playset. Artemis fowl is a book series by eoin colfer distributed by Disney currently being made into a movie.

      • I read online that phineas,ferb,and agent p have been confirmed as playable characters,but only phineas and perry figures have been seen in photos.

      • Also it would be cool to play as spiderman. And I’ve seen fanart of Han Solo and Indiana jones figures.

  4. Robby, I see ur gravitar is pikachu’s design in smash4. Ever heard of or played scribblenauts?
    If u have,do you think they should add maxwell to ssb4?

      • Huh. The Pikachu in smash is like dead-on resemblance. And maxwell would be cool on my standards. Like his final smash could be spawning a giant nuke.

      • One,maxwell writes words and they come to life. Two, have you SEEN wii fit trainer and mega mans final smashes? They be crazy in the hizzle! Three, sakurai would give him pretty basic attacks.

      • Move set-
        Neutral- Sports ball-creates sports balls shot as projectile
        Up-winged adjective-Spawns wings and flies upwards quickly
        Down-Spawn Vehicle-charged attack,lowest is bicycle,most is jet-powered robosaur
        Side-spawn doppelganger-weaker,same attacks(minus this one),one at a time
        Final smash(instead of nuke)-friends-spawns lily,doppelganger,and doppelily(from unmasked),and use their combined powers to fight in mechs

        Bonus-an item-maxwell’s notebook
        Creates one of maxwell’s siblings(eg. Maxwell’s brother Edwin drives a tractor around,running over opponents), acts like assist trophy or pokeball

  5. Why is Sf Austin/raven/whatever’s gravitar rosalina? The only internet rave she caused was not being princess daisy!

    • Whoops. That didn’t work how I thought it would put a link to a pic. Sorry it’s supposed to be the robotic operating buddy aka rob

  6. New maxwell move set idea
    Neutral-Ranged weapon-can be charged from snowball (%1,possible freeze effect) to barrel gun(%30)
    Up-Winged spotted bathtub-dashes upward in a winged spotted bathtub (common item from promotional art
    Side-melee weapon-can be used for combos,a 15-hit combo will give the maximum sword, with 25% chance of OHKO.
    Down-spawn entity-creates one of the following low-health characters
    Doppelganger-shares maxwells moveset(without this ability)
    Scribblenauts link-Links moveset
    Scribblenauts Mario-shares Mario’s moveset
    Down aerial-stone adjective-turns to stone and slams the ground hard

    • FINAL SMASH-Starite in a tree-a tree appears with a starite on top,and maxwell summons 1-3 winged beavers(one for each opponent) then the beavers grab the starite (as if they had the awesome adjective), and become huge and attack all opponents.

      • Also maxwell taunts by constantly changing his color or summoning a fighting speech bubble
        Also palette swaps-doppelganger colors-lily colors-superman colors-chespin’s colors(cuz he reminds me of chespin’s wif his hat)
        Also his assists change palettes whith him
        Mario-Wario for doppelganger colors-peach’s colors for lily-luigi colors for superman-yoshi colors for chespin’s colors
        Link-dark link for doppelganger-Zelda colors for lily colors-sheik colors for superman-
        Octorock colors for chespin’s
        Doppelganger-maxwell colors for doppelganger colors-doppelily colors for lily colors-bizarro colors for superman colors-froakie colors for chespin’s colors

  7. *slaps Robby*

    Dude, maybe you shouldn’t have stated ur opinion in the first place so the argument wouldn’t have started

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