Welcome to the RPG page. Here you can Roleplay as a Hobbit, Dragon, Paladin, Elf, Dwarf, Wizard, etc.
I am going to be a dragon (a small dragon). So, make a character, name, and go on an adventure.
(My name is Drogo)

Welcome to the Dragon’s Face inn. There are many people you can meet here. There is a small dragon in the corner staring at the first person to comment.


100 thoughts on “RPG

      • Scroll keeper: That’s the thing, no one has a map because no one wants to go there. It’s too tough. I had a request to go there, but I bearly escaped with my life. You see this scar, *takes hood off and has large gash on top of head* I have more scars. *reaches for pants*
        Drogo: I think we get the point.

  1. *a wizard walks up to D-sceptor*
    D-scpeptor: who are you
    wizard:I am jandalf the parody version of Gandalf I heard your going to the Dragon’s den I shall come with you

  2. Thank you! I’m glad D-Sceptor didn’t have to go to the man in the hut! He’s a little, uh… weird.
    Whiterook, at your service!

    (Man in The Hut jumps around with braids on his beard) (I walk away with Drogo, D-Sceptor, and Jandalf)

    • Hello, brave adventurers. I am Parkathor, the great Wizard from the Land of Florg! I shall aid you in your Quest!

      • Great! I am D-Sceptor from Florg, too! Here’s some food. Walking through heavy rain like that must be tiring.
        (Uses Sceptor to pop up some burnt steak.)
        I am only a wizard in training. Well, enjoy what you’ve got. Sorry.
        (Hands piece to Parkathor)

      • Thank you for the steak, D-Sceptor. Since you are a Wizard in training, here is something that might help you gain more power. (Hands a small magic Fire-Crystal to D-Sceptor.) Use this in battle to blast your enemy with a beam of fire.

      • Yes. But, remember, with great power, comes great responsibility. That crystal holds the power of the fierce Fire-Dragon. I was in battle with the ferocious beast one day when I lifted up my sceptor and used it to encase the Dragon into that crystal. Be careful and DO NOT EVER drop that crystal! If it breaks, the monstrous Dragon could escape and destroy everything! Well, that’s all you need to know.
        (Just then, an army of Goblins approaches, ready to strike!)

      • (Harnesses the Fire Crystal’s Power and shoots the Goblins)

        YES! I did it correctly!

      • Awesome! And it looks like you took out all of the Goblins, too! (Suddenly, a ginormous Dragon appears!) Oh, no! A Dragon! Wait a minute… It seems like that Dragon came from the same place as those Goblins! Look! Over there! (Points to a big DARKNESS) That must be where they’re coming from! Come on, let’s go figure out what that Darkness is! (Ventures forth to the direction of the Darkness)

  3. I am a wizard named Parkathor. I walk in to the Dragon’s Face Inn after walking thru the rain. I carry a sword and my staff. I wear a cloak and have an eyepatch over my left eye.

  4. Hey, guys! You should come over to my blog, origamigandalf.wordpress.com and check out my RPG page! Mine isn’t as cool as SF Robby’s, but, it’s still pretty cool!

  5. Ok, the dragon’s den is in the north in the very sunny castle… Not what I was expecting. *storm clouds travel over castle* Ok that’s better.

  6. Drogo:Ok. We’ll spend the night here so D-Sceptor can heal, then we’ll travel 100 miles to the dragon’s den
    MITH: The Dragon’s den eh? I wanna go!

    DM: the man’s stats are; Attack: -100000000000000000 Defence:-999999999999999999 Charisma: -10000000000000000000000000000000000

    • I think I know how to heal S-Sceptor. I hvae a special concoction that usually helps this kind of situation. (Makes a green drink appear) Here, D-Sceptor, drink up. (Hands cup to D-Sceptor)

      • Thanks! (Drinks Potion) Ahh… That’s bet- (Hears loud crash) WHAT THE FLORG WAS THAT?!

      • (Mutters)LightningJellies… I hate them. Only way to kill them is with a Fire-Crystal. D-Sceptor, use the one I gave you!

      • (Harnesses Fire Crystal’s Power) FWOOOSH!!!!!!!!!

        (Then, a huge ball of light surrounds D-Sceptor)

      • Oh, NO!!! (Fire Crystal Vanishes) (Lightning Jellies surround D-Sceptor and transforms him) I am now DARK-SCEPTOR!!!

  7. (Hooded man walks up to me) Whoa, YOU’RE short. (Small Man knocks me out with Grelda The Witch’s KnockOut Potion)

  8. *MITH comes*
    MITH: HaHaHa now I’m gonna teach you for not letting me help!
    *MITH levels up and still has terrible charisma, but his attack and Defence are better. MITH then grabs a staff and zaps Whiterook. he starts to zap at us*

      • (MITH zaps Parkathor and Parkathor falls down dying) Nooo! D-Sceptor! *koff* I… Am… Dying, so, I give my power to you, since you are almost *koff* a full wizard. (Smiles and begins to glow)Use my powers wisely…(Parkathor’s powers transfer to D-Sceptor turning him into a full Wizard) Uuuh!!! (Dies)…

      • Thank you for risking your life, Parkathor. You will always be remembered.

        (Becomes Full Wizard)

    • Hello, D-Sceptor. I am the Destroyer of Evil. I destroy evil. I am sorry that your friend, Parkathor, has died. Come with me out of this strange man’s hut.
      MITH: What?! I am not str- (Destroyer of Evil clonks MITH and MITH faints)
      Destroyer of Evil: (Walks out of the hut with D-Sceptor) I knew Parkathor very well… I heard that he gave you all of his powers when he died. Now, you’re a full wizard. Congratulations.
      (Suddenly, a strange glowing light appears) AAAAH! (Uses a bow to shoot the light, but, it bounces off) What is that?! (Throws a rock. Bounces off) It’s too strong! (Light blasts at Destroyer of Evil and he falls down. Light begins to dim) What is that?!

      • Parkathor: No need to fear! It is only me, Parkathor!
        Destroyer of Evil: But, you’re dead! How is that possible?!
        Parkathor: I have returned with greater powers! I am now Parkathor the Awesome! And now, you’re a Full Wizard, D-Sceptor! Congratulations!

  9. Hey, guys! A great Evil has taken over the Land of Florg! Come to my RPG Page at origamigandalf.wordpress.com and help me save Florg! The fate of my Land is in our hands!

    • Parkathor: AH, YEA! (Gets eaten by a dragon)
      Parkathor inside Dragon stomach: GUYS! HELP! I don’t wanna get di- BOOOOM! (Dragon blew up) Gross, but, cool.

      • Am ze doodinator. I am a time travelling German robot from the year nein-trillion. I punch das Jacob and eat future chocolate. I gain all the powers of a guy named Jacob. The RPG is back open for das suparfoldars. Now let’s party like its nein-billion neinty four!

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