Pokemon Challenge Runs

1: Don’t catch or use any gen. 5 Pokemon. They are uncreative and stupid.
2: You have no friends so you arent allowed to register phone numbers unless they are from Pokemaniacs, Super Nerds, or Scientists.
3: You must trade (or catch) an electric Pokemon onto your game as soon as you can and keep it with you at all times.
4: Don’t EVER use items you don’t buy at a pokemart. They aren’t name brand.
5: Don’t use psychic or ghost type Pokemon. You don’t believe in them.
6: Go back to the pokemon center and heal after every trainer battle. Walking is tiring and your legs are tired.
7: Don’t use your bike it’s too hard.
8: don’t fish. You don’t know how because you never get out.
9: fighting type Pokemon are strong and you don’t want to feel weaker than them. Don’t EVER use them.
Can you be a Super Nerd?

1: Roll a die to see which race you are. Each race has certain types of Pokemon they are limited to use. They are allowed to use a duel type as long as at least ONE of it’s types is one of the types you can use.
1- Wizard- Dragon, Psychic, and Fairy.
2- Halfling- Grass, Dark, and Poison.
3- Elf- Grass, Psychic, and Fairy
4- Human- Fire, Water, and Grass.
5- Half-Orc- Ground, Dark, and Poison.
6- Dwarf- Rock, Steel, and Fire.
Can you save the land of Kanteth, Jhoteth, Heth, Sinnore, Unovare, or Kaleth?

GO HERE TO SEE THE BHUDDIST OR FEMINIST CHALLENGES: https://forkandspoonweekly.wordpress.com/2014/09/14/my-own-pokemon-playthrough-challenge-youngster-joey-news/



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