Ask Yoda

Here is the page where you ask Origami Yoda questions.
i.e. SF Robby said @ 12:00pm: Origami Yoda, where is my sandwich?
Yoda said @ 12:01 pm: Flying it is. Grew wings it did, and flew away.

UPdate: This is Jacob Minch’s site now.


36 thoughts on “Ask Yoda

      • Well, she’s one of my best friends, and I’ve seen her a lot over the course of summer break. I think she may like me, so should I ask her?

      • I’m no Yoda, but I think you should ask her! Sounds like you have good chances!

    • Go to click SuperFolder submit it will ask you for your SuperFolder name and password above it in yellow letters it says sign up to be a SuperFolder click it then fill in the information

  1. What if there was a battle of ditto vs mew,then mew transformed to ditto then ditto transformed to mew transformed into ditto?

    • Lots of non-SFs kept coming and some even started cursing. I had to turn it off. Both are great games. Roblox came first though. But they both are very stooky. I recently started to play minecraft. I got lost though and I don’t want to kill myself because I was trying to make a map while I got lost.

      • Awww
        I have some tips for you, if you turn cheats on when you make a world, you can make things easier
        commands that you can type into chat: (if you have cheats enabled)
        /gamerule keepInventory true (this lets you keep your stuff after dying
        /gamemode creative (puts you in god mode basically, and you can fly)
        /mobgreifing fase (stops creepers from exploding)
        also, do /gamemode survival to get back into survival
        those are the most helpful ones, along with /give

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