WONDER TRADE WEDNESDAY!!!!!! Beiber Treeckos?

Soon, I am going to trade a whole box of Treecko that I am breeding from a Treecko and Bulbasaur I got from the GTS!
It might happen this Wednesday, or maybe next Wednesday.
Anyways, each Treecko will be nicknamed: Beliber4ever as a joke. But, there are TWO exceptions.
One Treecko will be nicknamed: #YOLOSWAG and be holding Black Glasses. Another one will be named: Foo Fighter and will be Super Trained to have Large Speed, Attack, and Defence stats!
You don’t want to miss this! Tune into wonder trade once I figure out which day it will be!
Ok. It will be tomorrow at 12:00 pm Central! You do NOT wanna miss this. You have a chance to get a fully EV trained Treecko. How could you pass this up?