Ever heard of the religion LDS?
Well, I am a Mormon. Any questions? Type them below,if you don’t know what I’m talking about, then go to and it should tell you a little about us. Some of you other LDS SFs can help awnser questions too.
Here are some questions that we get all the time. Don’t ask them.
Q: Aren’t you guys polygamists?
A: No. Some Mormons practiced it long ago, but later revelation from God said it wasn’t something we should practice.

Q: Do you wear special underwear?
A: No. We have to wear white garments when we do some temple ordinances, but we wear regular underwear.

Q: Do you believe in God?
A: Yes. And his Son, Jesus Christ, and in the Holy Ghost. We believe that they are all seprate beings and not the same person.

Ask any other question in the comments, they will be awnsered on saturday.


16 thoughts on “LDS Q&A

  1. I have a question to clear up confusion with my friend. Is LDS same as Arianism? I do not want to argue. Also, friend me on Roblox, account is 1234567890121, and help me how to change this name.

  2. Arianism was created back when the Church was slowly created. He was the reason why the Nicene Creed was created, because what he said was heresy. You should search him up.

  3. Wait, I thought apostles died before there was internet a long, long time ago. How were the apostles able to tell you. If there were more, they would be chosen by Jesus. I still just don’t understand…

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