Tom Angleberger would’ve failed as an author if it weren’t for Origami Yoda, (or at least, that’s what  he said,) but he did write a few books before Tommy’s case file.
He originally wrote this in 2007. It was called “The Qwikpick Adveture Society by Sam Riddleberger.” back then. I didn’t read that book because I didn’t really find the book appealing. But this book had a nice cover, and Tom was making the book seem good. I found it while trying to find Jedi Academy book 2 on the Star Wars shelf in Hastings. It was next to Stonewall Hinkleman, but I wanted Qwikpick more. I have to say, Tom did a good job on this one. It has humor for all ages, and the characters are all different. They are all different religions, and two of them are from poor families. My favorite character would have to be Dave. Even though he isn’t the character telling the story, I can identify with him. He is a rule follower. He hates getting in trouble. The story takes place in the year 2000. This book tells the story of three kids who want to do something on Christmas day. Why are they bored on Christmas? Well, Dave is Jewish, Marilla is Jehovah’s Witness, and Lyle’s parents have to work on Christmas to get a bonus so they can get presents for their son. So, the three kids form a club and decide to go see the Poop Fountain at the sewage treatment plant before it is replaced by a bubbling poop pool. The three kids end up having the adventure of a lifetime. They get to go hiking, meet Santa, and Lyle even reaches into the poop fountain to save his friend’s digital camera. Tom truley made the perfect series to follow up to the Origami Yoda books that will now be ending. Who knows how many books Tom will write about Lyle and his club of misfits. But one thing’s for sure, this book will please new fans, returning fans, young fans, and old fans.
I would reccomend this to anyone who was looking for a humorous story or an adventure.
I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars.
This book was perfectly written like Origami Yoda.

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