I ask all SFs…

Jessenia did the 1,000 Yoda challenge. Do you guys think I should do it? I tried it once, but a guy destroyed half of them once I reached 48. So I gave up. I could try it again. Of course, it would be annoying having to get 250 sheets of paper cut up. If I get 5 comments, I will try it. (Normally, I would say 10 comments, but the veiws are at an all-time low.)

Jessenia's Blog

imageTomorrow I’m going to finish the 1000 yoda challenge. I really hope. With less then 250 more to go, that’s tomorrow. On the last one, I will put YOUR username/name on there , because you helped  me go through this. 🙂

so be here, when I out up a post! Or else it’ll be too late… !  🙂 sign the 1000th yoda! Reblog  this if ya want if you know someone else to be part of it. Ok SFs! See you today! (I bet no one is up right now lol)


Please don’t copy this , pr do something similar if youre doing a challenge. I really dislike it when people copy my actions. Please! 🙂 ok have a nice day! (Number 748)

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4 thoughts on “I ask all SFs…

  1. “Pleas don’t copy this, or do something similar”
    Wow. People have been folding 1,000 Yodas for a while, yet she still says that. 😆
    Yeah, you should totally do it.

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