The LEGO Movie is on Blu-ray!

The LEGO Movie was released on DVD and blu-ray today! Be sure to buy it, especially if you haven’t seen it! I got it and I’m going to watch it tonight! Everything is Awesome edition comes with an exclusive version of Vitruvious, a 3D photo of Emmet, and an exclusive special feature! I didn’t think it was worth another $15 for it, so I just got the blu-ray combo pack.

3 thoughts on “The LEGO Movie is on Blu-ray!

  1. I saw the LEGO Movie when I went to my friend’s house and it wasn’t as good as I expected it to be. I know. I know. It was good. I just thought it was a little bit plotless. Sorry. It’s still a good movie, though!

  2. Saw the Lego Movie on an Android device at my sister’s friend’s mom’s friend’s 2nd youngest daughter’s birthday party. Was awesome to watch again.

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