POKEMON FANS REJOICE!!!! I just found PROOF that Digimon is a ripoff of Pokemon. According to the Digimon wiki, Digimon was released as a virtual pet in 1997. Pokemon was released in 1996 but was first announced in 1995 and began development in 1990.
Now onto the comparasin. According to some stupid Digimon fans from the Internet, Digimon have more than 4 evolutions, and can switch back to normal at any time, while most Pokemon only have 3 evolutions and stay that way forever. Pokemon are not immortal and function like normal animals. Digimon, however, are always reborn into eggs. What? There are over 800 Digimon and some of them are more than 10 stories tall. Pokemon has 719 Pokemon, but most fans wish that Nintendo would stop making new Pokemon because of nostalgia.
Since Digimon is on Netflix, I will watch a few episodes and tell you what I think of it. (By the way, I saw one idiot Digimon fan who said that Pokemon episodes have no connecting plot and that the Pokemon anime doesn’t focus on on trainer through the whole show. Dude, that’s yugioh, and Pokemon is about Ash Ketchum and the WHOLE SHOW is one big plot about Ash trying to collect 8 gym badges in each region and become a Pokemon Master.)

Guys, please don’t reblog this until I finish the reveiw of the two animes.

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