Back to Normal

In case you haven’t heard the news, is back to normal! Well, not as normal as it could be. SuperFolder Stookiness is back to normal, but now you can only click one of severel buttons. The buttons say a range of different murkish words, and a button that says “Instructions, please!” However, you can only select one of these buttons, then you have to go comment on whatever else you want to. Tom won’t let us comment whenever we want still though. We still can only use moderated Talk to Toms and SuperFolder Random Stuff Discussion Pages. However, Tom has left our last page open for an experiment. Hopefully this is an experiment that is testing our skills of being nice or something, because Tom might open comments back up then.

Feel free to comment nicely. Please go to the About/Rules page before commenting for your first time. Keep calm and don't be a Harvey.

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