Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just found out that they are remaking the 3rd gen Pokemon games! I think the news just came out today, because I search “Pokemon” a lot, and I just found out today. (Plus I was on yesterday because I was checking out the Online TCG to see how to play online.) “I am so pumped up!” – Emmet. “Please don’t eat my hat.” – Ash Ketchum.


18 thoughts on “Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. YYYYYOOOOOOHHHHOOOOOO!!!!! I am doing a research report on Nintendo! This could not have come at a better time!!!!

    • If you want some help, my favorite webcomic, brawl in the family, made a video song about it. It’s called the history of Nintendo. It’s pretty accurate. I think.

      • (Trumpets sound and a band of violin players march up and start playing an epic ballad while jet fighters fly over the violin players and a Dodongo breathes fire. Then, Groudon and Kyogre fight until Rayquaza appears and stops them. Then, The Doctor flies in in the TARDIS while SpongeBob does a weird dance. Then, Satoshi Tajiri walks up and announces Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.)

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