Mega Charizard Y is better than Mega Charizard X

Yeah. I just said that. I’ll tell you why.
MCY = Mega Charizard Y
MCX = Mega Charizard X
MCY has a new aerodynamic horn on its head which can also be used for stabbing in battle. MCX got FOUR new horns, but they are on its shoulders. What is it supposed to do with those? Is it going to just walk up to someone and stab them with its shoulder? It’s possible, but very hard and it would look stupid. MCY has two new wings. It’s can probobly fly faster than a jet now. MCX has a flame mustache in its MOUTH. That just looks weird. Finnaly, MCY isn’t weak to fairies. MCX is. Your favorite dragon can now be taken out by the cotton candy Pokemon, or the French Pikachu Pokemon. Yep. I thought MCX was cooler, then I realized all of this stuff. Now tell me. Who do you think is better?


Origami Yoda and the Force are REAL?!?!?!?!?!
Go to this link. You see how Dwight’s hand is opened wide? Well, what he is levitating origami Yoda or a REAL force crystal on his palm? The chapter has the name blurred out. What if the title is: Origami Yoda and the REAL Force Crystal.?
Let’s stay tuned for Pikletine riding the bus to find out.

San Antonio!

For an orchestra trip, we ae going to San Antonio and we also get to visit Six Flags! Woo Hoo! I might do a review over Six Flags! Stay tuned! (By the way, does the new updated version of Pokemon TV need wifi still? I want to watch Pokemon on the bus!)

Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just found out that they are remaking the 3rd gen Pokemon games! I think the news just came out today, because I search “Pokemon” a lot, and I just found out today. (Plus I was on yesterday because I was checking out the Online TCG to see how to play online.) “I am so pumped up!” – Emmet. “Please don’t eat my hat.” – Ash Ketchum.