I’m not dead

This broke my heart to read. Lots of SFs have left for good. Now Nintendoodler is pretty much gone. Go to classicnintendoodler.wordpress.com to read all of the original comics.


Hello fellow nintendoodlers. Some of you might be wondering if I’m dead. The answer is yes.
No, not really! I just thought no one cared for nintendoodler anymore. Because I know I sure don’t.
Those words may be shocking but I’m more of a Valve gamer than a Nintendo gamer now. Of course, I might do a little doodle now and then. SF Robby can do that too, just doodle nintendo stuff. Anyway, I just wanted to say I’m not dead. Thank you all for being here and reading this. More doodles coming soon, hopefully. Cya!

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Dark Times…

You guys probobly have heard the news, but I’ll tell you anyways. Tom shut down the comments on origamiyoda.com!!!
A troll kept trolling, and now Tom has to shut down the comments because the troll doesn’t give up. He just kept coming back and he even hacked a SuperFolder! What’s worse is that there is some cool news on OY.com. Since Tom just revealed that Pickletine is the new cover star, there are sneak peaks and stuff, so we can’t comment on them. I wish us SFs could do something, but the only thing we can do is give suggestions on how to improve the OY comments, and go on each other’s sites.
The thing I like about us SFs is that we always have each other’s backs. We can get through this together!

The LEGO Movie 2

You’ve probobly all heard that there is going to be a second LEGO Movie. But what you may not have heard, is that they got a different director. Yes, the two directors who made the LEGO Movie and Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, aren’t returning for the next LEGO Movie. They got rid of them for a TERRIBLE reason too.
“Come with me if you wanna not die.” ―Wyldstyle
Evidentally, there weren’t enough “strong female characters” in the LEGO Movie. I’m pretty sure Wyldstyle kicked butt. But just because she has a boyfriend, feminists get mad and complain. They also say that Unikitty doesnt count because she is a Unikitty, not a human. That’s the dumbest complaint I’ve ever heard in my whole entire life.
Hopefully this new director doesn’t screw the sequel up. If he does, I will do a bad reveiw of it, and warn you that you should get it on blu-ray and not see it in the theater. It would be wastefull to spend $26 on tickets, $20 on snacks, and see a terrible movie.
Until then, lets just complain to the new director, and maybe they’ll get the old ones back. Just kidding.

LEGO vs. Mega Bloks

I was recently grounded from LEGOs. So now I can only stare at my shelves imagining the LEGOs building something. That’s what I DID do, but then I discovered that I still have some Mega Bloks in my drawer from relatives who don’t know much about LEGOs. So now I will do a comparason.
Since I can’t use my LEGOs in the comparason, I can only use Mega Bloks, but I DO have a vivid picture of Emmet’s minifig stored in my brain.
I built a little speeder thing, but the figures couldn’t sit in it. I added stuff to the bottom to make it a throne instead, but the figures still had trouble sitting down.
On to the bricks. Mega Bloks have their logo printed in bold on their bricks. On 1 by (…) bricks, every two knobs have their big bulky logo, while with the same type of bricks in LEGO have a logo that is hardly visible on every knob. On anything larger than 1 by (…)’s the Mega Bloks have even larger logos in the parts of the brick where a stud can fit Inbetween 4 knobs, while LEGO has theirs small and on the knobs.
FIGURES! Mega Bloks figs have severel points of articulation. (Some of which are useless) and are painted instead of printed. They must have hired the worst painters the could, because this Halo dude has gold not only on his mask, but also on his ear. LEGO is quick to call back bricks that have bad printing or a messed up face. Minifigures can also stick to their chairs, while mega figures will slip and slide out of their seats.
Price. Most people say Mega Bloks win this category, but for the cruddy quality you get with Mega Bloks, LEGO wins again.
In the end. LEGOs beat Mega Bloks all-around.

LEGO Movie VS. Frozen

I was wondering, which does everyone like more? People act like Frozen is all the cheese today, but the only reason people like it is because of the songs. Frozen by itself isn’t what people liked. There was also a special sing-along thing they did in select theaters. The LEGO Movie made half as much as Frozen did, but let’s estimate how much of that money for Frozen was just because it had good singing. It probobly would’ve made LESS money if you took the songs out. If you took the songs out of the LEGO movie, it still makes the same amount of money. I frankly liked Tangled better than Frozen. Tangled was funnier, the songs were better, and the characters weren’t annoying. But I liked The LEGO Movie more than both. I think that my favorite movie list has changed. (The best are at number one.)
1. The LEGO Movie
2. Star Wars
3. Lord of the Rings
4. Pokemon
5. Star Trek
6. Harry Potter
7. Avengers
8. Spiderman (the newer ones)
9. The new Batman movies
10. The Matrix
Yeah, The LEGO Movie surpassed ALL of those. Frankly, the LEGO movie had better music than Frozen. Now, let’s compare the morals/messages of the two.
LEGO: Embrace what makes you Special; Beleive (I know it sounds like a cat poster, but it’s true.); Be creative; Everything is awesome.
Frozen: Love your sibling before you can’t. Cover your ears in case a random song starts playing. Don’t marry someone you just met (this would’ve been obvious without the movie.)
Yeah. The LEGO Movie has better morals.
Well, I’ve rembled on for a while. Vote in the poll and in the comments, say which one YOU like more. (I’m probobly going to have to make this a page if lots of Frozen Fangirls come here to talk about what they like more.)

Why Pikachu is the Very Best Like No One Ever Was

People always say that Pikachu is a bad Pokemon. I’m here to tell them off. Pikachu is my favorite for many reasons. Just because it has a low defense doesnt mean it sucks. Here are ten reasons he is the most epic Pokemon of all time.

10. He helps you lose weight.

the biggest loser

9. He’s cute.


8. He has his own 3DS

i wanna be the 3ds like no one ever was

7. He has his own game.


6. He is the mascot of EVERYTHING

world cup with pokemon

5. He’s been in every PMD game.


4. He likes Ketchup.


3. Yellow is a cool color.

pika pika pika

2. Ash has one.


1. He is just plain awesome.


As you can see. Pikachu is the best Pokemon of all time. If you say otherwise, Pikachu will pwn you.