Can YOU Surive the Zombies?

I made a zombie pick your path thing while I was in 6th grade. I memorized the thing and put it on the site. Go see it and try to survive without dying. No one has EVER done it in one try without at least one death.



chowder title


chowder pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease

Have you ever wondered where the inspiration for my magazine’s title came from? Well, Chowder was a popular Cartoon Network show that ended for no reason whatsoever. In one episode, Chowder writes a magazine he entitles; The Fork and Spoon Weekly. I made magazines just like his, and brought them to school. They ended up being VERY popular. I ended up not having enough time to make them, so I made this site. You can read more about the history of my magazine in the history page.
It is possible that a spin-off series is coming out in a year or so. If you are interested in the show, go here to read about the original show:
You can see the first season on Netflix.

Ruby and Sapphire Remake. And, X and Y Haters…

“Some fans have criticized the release of Pokemon X and Y for its short playrun and lack of post-game content. It also featured far fewer Pokedex additions than ever before.”

That was from another site. That was really dumb of them. There’s plenty of stuff to do after you you beat the game. Do you remember the phrase “GOTTA CATCH ‘EM ALL!”? Well, DID you catch em all? Did you get all the megastones? Did you find all the Pokemon in ALL of your friend’s Friend Safaris? The new GTS allows you to search any Pokemon, allowing you to find any Pokemon you need to complete your pokedex.

Didn’t you complain when there were lots of new Pokemon? I would think that you would’ve been happy if there weren’t many new Pokemon, but alas, you’re an idiot who tries to find something wrong with everyhing. Even if you’ve complained about the opposite thing before.


Do you want a remake of Ruby and Sapphire? I do. Some people have dumb things to say about it though…
On some forums, PokeFans say that they need to make a whole NEW story for the remake. The reason I even WANT a remake is because I like the story and characters of R/S/E. But there are some changes to be made.
Mega Blaziken is nice, but Sceptile and Swampert need Mega froms too. If they didn’t have Mega forms for the other two starters, everyone who chooses Treeko wil get pwned by their rival. I plan on choosing either Torchic or Mudkip though.
Second change. BRING BACK CONTEST HALLS!!!!! Contests were awesome in R/S. The D/P/PL contests were just nar nar. I played the contests all the time in Ruby. But in Pearl, I walked into that building three times. They added the dancing which was dumb. I did like dressing up my Pokemon though. I would either make my Pokemon look really awesome, or just plain crazy. But the dress up should be more like the Black and White dress up room. The Pokemart was moved inside the Pokecenter, so that leaves an empty space. The battle tents could stay where they were in Emerald, and the Contest Halls could be placed where the Pokemarts were. That lets us have contests in nearly EVERY town.

I will keep updating this post.