Summer 2014 LEGO Movie Sets

I want this set.

I want this set.

In the summer of this year, 4 more LEGO Movie sets will be released. Metalbeard’s Sea Cow, Benny’s Spaceship Spaceship Spaceship,

Spaceship Spaceship SPACESHIP

Spaceship Spaceship SPACESHIP

Emmet’s Construct-o-Mech,

He's the Special

He’s the Special

and Super Secret Polcie Dropship. Nice minifigs. Nice minifigs.[/caption]

I am DEFINATELY going to get Metalbeard’s Sea Cow. It is ages 14+, is probobly about $200 (So this is the only summer LM set I will get. ) , has the WHOLE group from the LEGO Movie, and has the double decker couch.
Which ones are you going to get? Tell me in the comments!

7 thoughts on “Summer 2014 LEGO Movie Sets

  1. As many as possible. 😀
    But if I had to choose, probably the Spaceship Spaceship Spaceship. Especially if Princess Unikitty is in it.

  2. Ooh. I have $30 left from my birthday money so if I save it up i might be able to buy one. I like LEGO’s and want to see the LEGO Movie REALLY BADLY! Fluffy, Fluffy JR, Fluffy SR… Jeff.

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