THE WAFFLES CHALLENGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can YOU beat the waffles challenge? Or are you a pancake?
How to take: Say nothing but “Waffles” for a whole day.
1. ONLY say “Waffles”
2. ONLY sing “Waffles”
3. ONLY type “Waffles”
4. ONLY write “Waffles”

I got this from Teen Titans Go. Try and take. Can you say nothing but “Waffles” for a day?



/▌ This is Bob Copy And Paste (not on Him So
/ \ He Can Spread His Rein Of Terror.
Together, we can create the, BOBELLION

Me Sad. :'(
This new makes me sad. I liked LEGO Spongebob. Brick films were easy to make with him. No he is in Mega Stupid Bloks and they ruined the minifigures. Hopefully, nickelodeon will realize that they don’t make much money with mega blocks and they beg LEGO to take them back. Another Petition. I’m blocking repeated votes so it is a good petition.

PercyJacksonBooks come back…

PercyJacksonBooks was recently banned from, so Here’s a petition.

Justin Beiber May Be Deported

In case you haven’t heard the news, Justin Beiber may be deported. There was an online petition made saying he should be sent back to Canada. Why was he deported? Evidentally, he was drag racing, caught at his friend’s house who was a drug dealer, and hit a limo driver repeatedly on the back of the head.
I wanted to see what you think. Should Justin Beiber get sent back to Canada?

Summer 2014 LEGO Movie Sets

I want this set.

I want this set.

In the summer of this year, 4 more LEGO Movie sets will be released. Metalbeard’s Sea Cow, Benny’s Spaceship Spaceship Spaceship,

Spaceship Spaceship SPACESHIP

Spaceship Spaceship SPACESHIP

Emmet’s Construct-o-Mech,

He's the Special

He’s the Special

and Super Secret Polcie Dropship. Nice minifigs. Nice minifigs.[/caption]

I am DEFINATELY going to get Metalbeard’s Sea Cow. It is ages 14+, is probobly about $200 (So this is the only summer LM set I will get. ) , has the WHOLE group from the LEGO Movie, and has the double decker couch.
Which ones are you going to get? Tell me in the comments!