Paper Mario 5?

I read somewhere that Intellegence Systems is working on a new game for the Wii U. I’m oping for a new Paper Mario game because they have good storylines and gameplay. I just got Sticker Star, and I have to say; I don’t know what all the bad reviews were about. It is fun. There are a few things that would make me actually go buy a WiiU.
Paper Mario on WiiU
Pokepark 3
Origami Yoda video game
Sadly, none of these are out yet. I would love more Paper Mario games. Maybe for the WiiU Paper Mario, you could play as Mario, Luigi, Peach, or Toad. Then there would also be two players where the second player could drop in or out at the any time. I also thought of how they could make it the best Paper Mario yet.
Keep the “papery” elements from SS
Create a special ability for each of the characters like in SPM
Bring back the tattle technique (Maybe you can be able to use Francis’s Tippi robot from the end of SPM)
Use RPG elements like TTYD, and don’t use an inventory based battle system like SS
Visit locations from the old games
Keep the Paperizing thing
Bring back old characters.
Create a more original storyline with a new villain. Bowser is too overused as a villain.
Include Dimentio somehow (He is my favorite Mario villain)

If they use these elements, the next Paper Mario game should be a big hit.


7 thoughts on “Paper Mario 5?

  1. You’re all probably going to hate me after this, but, Mario games are just getting worse. The first few, like the original and Mario 64 were cool, but, the newer ones for like DS family and Wii weren’t that great. So, I guess I’m a Mario Genwunner. Sue me. 🙂

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