Brickfilm Contest

During the first week of Christmas break, I watched Rudolph. The stop motion was TERRIBLE! So, use Legos to make a new and better version of the original Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer.

Use the soundtrack of the original, don’t use your own voice.

Dont edit in ANYTHING into the soundtrack! Don’t edit it to where the elves are rapping instead of singing to Santa, or anything else.

Don’t make it inappropriate! It’s for kids, so don’t make anything inappropriate.

Aknowledge the original. Type: Credits to Original into the movie credits.

DEADLINE: March 1st. If it is not linked to in the comments by then, your video doesn’t make it.

Remember, make it good, and post the link in the comments. I will go to it, and post it on this site if it is the winner.


3 thoughts on “Brickfilm Contest

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