Paper Mario 5?

I read somewhere that Intellegence Systems is working on a new game for the Wii U. I’m oping for a new Paper Mario game because they have good storylines and gameplay. I just got Sticker Star, and I have to say; I don’t know what all the bad reviews were about. It is fun. There are a few things that would make me actually go buy a WiiU.
Paper Mario on WiiU
Pokepark 3
Origami Yoda video game
Sadly, none of these are out yet. I would love more Paper Mario games. Maybe for the WiiU Paper Mario, you could play as Mario, Luigi, Peach, or Toad. Then there would also be two players where the second player could drop in or out at the any time. I also thought of how they could make it the best Paper Mario yet.
Keep the “papery” elements from SS
Create a special ability for each of the characters like in SPM
Bring back the tattle technique (Maybe you can be able to use Francis’s Tippi robot from the end of SPM)
Use RPG elements like TTYD, and don’t use an inventory based battle system like SS
Visit locations from the old games
Keep the Paperizing thing
Bring back old characters.
Create a more original storyline with a new villain. Bowser is too overused as a villain.
Include Dimentio somehow (He is my favorite Mario villain)

If they use these elements, the next Paper Mario game should be a big hit.


Brickfilm Contest

During the first week of Christmas break, I watched Rudolph. The stop motion was TERRIBLE! So, use Legos to make a new and better version of the original Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer.

Use the soundtrack of the original, don’t use your own voice.

Dont edit in ANYTHING into the soundtrack! Don’t edit it to where the elves are rapping instead of singing to Santa, or anything else.

Don’t make it inappropriate! It’s for kids, so don’t make anything inappropriate.

Aknowledge the original. Type: Credits to Original into the movie credits.

DEADLINE: March 1st. If it is not linked to in the comments by then, your video doesn’t make it.

Remember, make it good, and post the link in the comments. I will go to it, and post it on this site if it is the winner.


The site has 6,004 veiws. I wasnt paying attention, so we are having the 5000 veiws party a little late. But the 5000/6000 veiws party will be combined with the Christmas party for ONE HUGE PARTY!!!!!!
On December 27th, the Christmas party will end, and on that same day, the New Years party will start. On January 1, the New Years party will end, and the 5000/6000 veiws party will begin.
All the parties will be on this page.


At my school, we are starting finals tests. Finals at my school are TERRIBLE! Here’s my schedule:
4th period exam (Science)
3rd period exam(Journalism)
1st period: Study
2nd period: Study
6th period: Study
5th period exam (Math)
8th period: study

See how stupid it is? They messed up the whole schedule. And thats just Wednesday. Thursday and Friday are even worse.

Heres a poll I made:

Hey everyone!

I had my birthday. Wanna know what I got?

Lots of money
3 books by Ray Bradbury
Lego Marvel Superheros
Ninjago Ninja Coptor
First aid kit
A REALLY bright lantern for when I go camping
Lego Hobbit Mirkwood Elves thingy

I also got to see The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug. It wasn’t as good as Peter Jackson couldve made it. They changed WAY too much from the book. Just buy it on blue ray. Dont waste your money at the theater.

Me and WB Oshawott are planning a Christmas supprise! Stay tuned!

Oshawott is epic

Why dos everyone hate Oshawott? He’s the best Unova Pokemon, and the third best Pokemon of all time. If you hate on oshawott, you are lame.

Vote on the Unova starters, and let’s see who is the best. Even if you don’t vote Oshawott, he will still be the best.