Let’s stop Jacob

I’m posting this right under Jacobs nose. We have to fight. We have to win the fight. Jacob can’t see this post or the comments here. Discuss strategy to beat Jacob. We must win.


15 thoughts on “Let’s stop Jacob

  1. Ok Robby and Sf Zod, here is the plan.

    Zod and I distract Jacob using our origami, then Robby sneaks up behind him awhile Jacob is typing in the password to ban Zod and me.
    Robby knocks Jacob out, and switches the names SF Zach and origami PLO-Koon and super folder zod to Jacobs username. Therefore banning Jacob.
    May the force be with us.

    Sent from my ipod

  2. Sounds fun. In the meantime, I’ll be busy on origamiyoda.com, finding Harveys. I’m actually on the trail of one right now…

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