An idea… RSE remakes?

So, everyone wants the Pokemon Company to remake Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald, right? Well, the 3DS has a Pokemon game, Gen 6 has started, so we need to get them to remake RSE! So, in the comments, say “RSEepic” and when there are 100 or more people saying that, I will email it to the Pokemon Company, and see what happens. (note: Don’t say it more than once.) Also feel free to give suggestions about the RSE games. My suggestion is that when you go out of the magma base, it doesn’t close, then you can get the master ball.

UPDATE: I emaied the Pokemon company about this, and here is their reply:
A solution for your issue has been suggested.

“Hello Robby,

Thank you for contacting us and leaving your feedback.

All information regarding upcoming Pokémon titles will be posted at as soon as it is made public. We are unable to answer questions regarding titles that have not yet been announced

We’re happy that you took the time to write down your feedback. We are always interested to improve our games, as well as our service and therefore your feedback is very valuable to us. Thank you very much! We will forward it to the appropriate department.

Please note that you may not receive a reply to your report. The Pokémon team will look into this as soon as possible and may close it afterwards or request further information. Thank you for your understanding.

We wish you lots of fun with Pokémon! Thank you for supporting us!

Pokémon Support Team”

What do you think? IS there going to be one, or do you think that it is a stupid idea?


2 thoughts on “An idea… RSE remakes?

  1. I emailed Nintendo asking what types Fairy was weak to (got it right, btw) and if they are gonna make a Ruby and Sapphire remake (they don’t remake the continuations, otherwise we’d have Pokémon ThunderYellow). The person replied and said the currently don’t have plans to remake Ruby and Sapphire, but that they’d pass my idea along to the people that can make our dreams a reality.

  2. Amen to the Magma Base thing if that applies to Team Aqua, too. Me want Masta Ball to catch me dat Latias! I used Ultra Ball for Kyogre.

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