Back to Normal!

We defeated Jacob. Now the site can go back to normal, with a new page. A GTS!!!



It’s me Robby, Jacob has lost so much health, that I was able to get back in. Keep battling. (on the previous battle post.)


You SFs are getting on my last nerve. Firk wont even tell me how to rule the world. I’ve had it. IT ENDS NOW. *gets out red lightsaber* CHARGE *Army of Papertines charge at the SuperFolders* I WILL DEFAET YOU 01001110 01001001 01001110 01000100 01010010 01001111 01001001 01000100 Guys, it’s me Robby. We can win this battle. I’m using a pikachu (a REAL one, not an origami one) LET’S DO THIS! 100101010010100000010001000010010000111111111011111111111111010100100000

UPDATE: Firk scared Jacob Minch off. He gets the reward of choosing an adventure to go on in the RPG.
Thanks for also weakening Jacob enough to be convinced to do what Firk said. The site can go back to normal.

How I Plan to Bring this Blog from the Ruins.

Hello, tis I, Jacob again.
Ive been poking around the stats on SF Robby’s wordpress account, and here is Max-igami’s best amount of veiws in one day: Best ever 274 views
Now, this blogs best ever was 214. I plan to program this site to never be closed, you can’t escape, click the x, or minimize. When I am done reprogramming, this site will be the only website you can go to, and you can’t leave, you can only go to differant parts of the site. I will soon take over the entire SF community.

New site rules

Since I stole- ER I MEAN TOOK, I MEAN BOUGHT, the site from S.F. Robby, I decided to make new rules.
1. No commenting unless you are being mean to people who aren’t Jacob Minch.
2. No impersonating Jacob Minch.
3. No insulting Jacob Minch.
4. Don’t email Jacob Minch.
5. Don’t spam Jacob Minch in the comments.
6. Compliment Jacob Minch at least once a day.
7. Don’t disobey the rules.

Jacob Minch’s site.

Welcome to Jacob Minch’s site. I am Jacob Minch. Until I bring this site out of ruins, this is the only page you can comment on. Now, let us discuss. Here’s a poll to see who is the most epic person in the world.

you can also ask me any question you want in the comments.

UPDATE: I realize 75% of you voted “other”. Do you mind telling me who you typed in the “other” option?