Youngster Joey challenge!

I decided to take the YJ challenge! I put all my HG Pokemon on my SS game, and restarted. I will be updating whenever I accomplish a big achievement in the game.
Current Rattata
Name: Rattata
Lvl: 7
Attacks: Tackle
Tail Whip
Quick Attack
Focus Energy

Feel free to give me tips.

Do YOU want to take the challenge?
Rules: You must name your character “Joey”.
When you get the chance to get a Rattata, you take it. You may not get the first gym badge unless you have a Rattata.
You can catch any Pokemon you want, but you may only use Rattata during battle.
You may not evolve Rattata.
You may use any TM you want on Rattata.
You may use your other Pokemon for HMs.
Rattata must stay in the first slot of your party at ALL TIMES.
Other than that, it is pretty mush the same.

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