Ok, so I was looking up Pokemon X and Y on the Internet because I like Marriland’s strategy guide, and I found out that there is a bug in luimose city. If you save in certain parts of the city, your save file gets corrupted. I’ve saved in luimose city, so I guess I just got lucky. Nintendo is working to fix the glitch, and put the fix on the eshop, but until then, I can tell you how to protect yourself.
1. Don’t save unless you are in the building if you are in the outer circle of the city. The outer circle is basically the whole problem, so don’t save there.
2. Don’t save unless you are in the tower area, the prism tower area seems to be safe from the map I saw. But I think in one area, you get messed up. I think the map is on IGN so I might post the link.
3. Don’t save in the city at ALL. Until it gets fixed, don’t Dave there at all. Don’t connect to the Internet to go to GTS, PPS, or anything. If you want to get to the Internet, go to the gates and get out if you want to save.

UPDATE: 4. Go to this link to see the map of corrupted areas.
Blue is bad.
Pokeballs are pokemon centers, so those are the best places to save.

Your welcome for telling you.

UPDATE: Nintendo has put the fix on the eshop.



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