Pokemon Y Robveiw

Hello everyone. Today, I am reveiwing Pokemon Y.
This game is very fun so far.
You can catch a Pikachu in the first forest, which is awesome because Pikachus are usually on of my best Pokemon. Later on in the game, you battle the professor in the giant Paris-type city. After beating his Gen1 starters, he lets you keep one! I like all of the new Pokemon designs, except for bunnelby.
The new battle format is very fun. There are many dramatic angles to make the attacks more epic!
Some new things I am really enjoying are: PPS, Super training, and Pokemon center design.
The PPS allows you to connect to the Internet and do stuff with other trainers, such as: Trade, Battle, GTS, and give O-Powers. O-powers allow you to give people special things that help them during battle.
Super Training is one of my favorite things to do so far. Pikachus usually have a low Defence, so super training allows me to help pikachu get stronger.
Pokemon Amie is very fun! If I feel bad for my Pikachu, I can play with him. Now, he jumps for joy at the start of a battle! You can also play mini games with the Pokemon! It is very fun to play with my Pokemon!
The new Pokemon center design is very nice. The pokemart is at the back, the nurse joy is at the front, and there is a changing room in the back too.
Some things I will miss:
1. Instead of walking around with the joystick, I have to use the control pad because the joystick is for the ever annoying roller skates. The skates allow you to move faster than on a running shoes, but not as fast as a bike. The skates make you go too fast too control though.
2. The gyms are too spread out in this game.
3. The seasons don’t change.
4. There is a 1 out of 1000000000000000000 catch rate for Pikachu ( that is just an estimate based on how it took me an HOUR to catch one).
5. Luimose city is too hard to maneuvere around. The camera angle is different than anywhere else in the game, so I can bearly walk to the Pokemon Center without bumping into a taxi or a tree or something.
Overall, this game is the best Pokemon game yet!


7 thoughts on “Pokemon Y Robveiw

  1. I do have to agree for the gym part. From Santalune to Cyllage is an insane distance. The game is a bit too easy, though. I got it the Tuesday after it came out, and beat it the following Thursday. I have almost all the Mega Stones, have all the legendaries (including Zygarde), and have a SHINY ROGGENROLA. I found it in a horde battle in the Reflection Cave. I also caught a Shiny Seaking on Route 22 with my Super Rod, but I gave it to my brother. My team is as follows:

    • I wish i had chose chespin. Based on its first evolution, i really thought it would be the dumbest looking one… But NOOOO, i go online and find that Froakie’s final evolution looks stupid. This is the first game besides FR and LG to not have the legendary in the second version be stronger than the legendary in the first.

      • I chose froakie and charmander. i thoight frogafier wad cool but then he became greninja and i was like wha? is that a tongue scarf? but in x charizards mega evolution is awesome. i have x. i wish i got chespin too. chesnaught is awesome! but it would be dumb for me to restart because i already have 7 badges.

  2. For Lumiose, just press the old plus shaped controller right or left and that’ll change the camera view. Pretty simple. And when I first saw Greninja, I was all like ‘I WANT THAT! I LOVE NINJAS AND DARK TYPES!’ But my bro told me I wanted Chespin from the start blah blah blah. Thankfully, Shauna trades you a baby version of her starter for any of your pokes after you beat the game. I got Froakie! Yay! You guys got Froakie, so Shauna will give you a level five Fennekin named Kinniekins.

  3. I changed my mind. Greninja is boss. So is Delphox. Meh. Chesnaught is cool. A 4 out of 10, I guess, but, Greninja and Delphox are definitely 7 to 9’s

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