Youngster Joey challenge!

I decided to take the YJ challenge! I put all my HG Pokemon on my SS game, and restarted. I will be updating whenever I accomplish a big achievement in the game.
Current Rattata
Name: Rattata
Lvl: 7
Attacks: Tackle
Tail Whip
Quick Attack
Focus Energy

Feel free to give me tips.

Do YOU want to take the challenge?
Rules: You must name your character “Joey”.
When you get the chance to get a Rattata, you take it. You may not get the first gym badge unless you have a Rattata.
You can catch any Pokemon you want, but you may only use Rattata during battle.
You may not evolve Rattata.
You may use any TM you want on Rattata.
You may use your other Pokemon for HMs.
Rattata must stay in the first slot of your party at ALL TIMES.
Other than that, it is pretty mush the same.



Im not feeling too great. My mom thinks I might have the fever. My, head is swimmy, I feel chills, and I cant sleep. I probobly will be watching TV in my chair instead of getting on the site. Sorry.

Why gen1 wasn’t better than gen5

“That’s a trash bag, not a Pokemon.”
Yet you didn’t complain about muk.

“An ice cream? I hate Ken Sugimori. That’s a food!”
mmm, these eggxecute look delisheous.

“Gothorita is a human, not a Pokemon.”
I wanna go catch a machamp!

“That’s just an animal with different colors.”
Yet Squirtle isn’t?

“A pink chunky flowery Pokemon? That’s just stupid.”
A girl mentioned it in Red and Blue, so…

“A big kricet wrapped in leaves? Really Nintendo?”
Hey tangla, hey ghastly.


A jabba the PuppetHarvey Theory Sorry no pic only theory in description
OCTOBER 25, 2013
SuperFolder SFMichael
(This also has my own Rako Hardeen! I needed a picture to sumbit it, so I am submitting my Origami Rako harden, I previously posted this, check that out if you want! But Since I need a pic, I will just use that, so comment on the theory I have, or the origami! )
Okay Hello Superfolders! I, SFMichael Have a theory on Harvey/Jabba the puppet. Here is how to goes: Remember In jabba how kellen saw Rhondella and John Oxley together? Remember how Harvey said, “Don’t worry, I’ve been in a situation like that before, it really, nostuls.” WELL I think I know who Harvey had that with!!! AND I HAVE EVIDENCE! I think, Harvey… LIKES SARA!!!!!! Now, you may think this is crazy, BUT IT IS TRUE!!! In Jabba I noticed harvey was being nice. Then I took a closer look, he was nicer on stuff that had to do with sara! Like “Don’t worry that could happen to anybody.” Also in the begining of the first book (origami yoda) Harvey was decent friends with tom, until yoda came. Why does Harvey hate Tommy You ask? Because he is in love with sara! He only dared Tommy to do that, because he likes her, and he wanted to prove Tommy can’t so he can. Also, Sometimes (notice that word “Sometimes”) Boys pick on girls because they like them. Harvey sometimes is nice and sweet to sara, or really mean! This proves that I know Harvey’s secret! Tom, Is this correct? Or is it just a coincidence? I really think this is true, so comment below to show your opinion!
Leave a comment:
I’m sorry dude, but no. He likes a new girl named Isabella.
The REAL Harvey theory: In an OYEU story, there’s a new girl named Isabella who Harvey had a crush on. The story is where Harvey makes a Foldy wan Kenobi in hopes that he will teach him the path to the good side. Kenobi is folded by a sith, so FWK turns evil himself. Tommy finds FWK, not knowing that it is the one who made Harvey stay evil, and makes him his finger puppet. Eventually, FWK is killed, and Tommy folds a good one. Harvey starts acting nice without FWK ruining his life, and he nearly gets the girl. Since Harvey says he was in a situation similar to Kellen’s spelling bee chapter, this could mean that he has a crush. Ever since the end of DPSB, Harvey has been striving to be good. Tommy also has a FWK in JtP. This means that he could have a crush on Isabella!
superstookynessman 17 HOURS AGO
Tom, I don’t like fighting with SF Michael, please tell us if it’s true or not, PLZ!
StookyLukey 23 HOURS AGO
I agree with you on that
yodafan 1 DAY AGO
That was my guess after I read that book.
superstookynessman 1 DAY AGO
Plus Coolbeans111, why would Harvey do some mean stuff to Dwight if Sara is friends with him?
SFMichael 1 DAY AGO
He would because DWIGHT encouraged tommy to ask sara out. And because harvey likes sara, he hates dwight for making someone steal his girl
SFMichael 1 DAY AGO
ALSO like i said above, the biggest piece of evidence, “This has happened to me before… It basically, nostruls.” I know it might not be sara, but think about it!!!! The ONLY thing that has happened like that in the book is kellen’s, and a little bit of the first book!
superstookynessman 18 HOURS AGO
Exactly, it happens in the FIRST book, but like you said it could be anyone! (Maybe it’s revealed in Princess Labelmaker?)
Well look at you! Captin Dwight.
CoolBeans111 1 DAY AGO
This is a really good theory! also when superstookynessman said that harvey ripped the DFortune Wookie and called it bad stuff. well just like what SFMichael said that harvey may pick on sara because thats what boys do to the girl they like.
superstookynessman 1 DAY AGO
Really? people at my school just Taser the person they like!(I do it to someone for a prank or something like that.)
SF_PaperDragon 1 DAY AGO
superstookynessman 18 HOURS AGO
Me 2
superstookynessman 1 DAY AGO
But he ripped the Fortune Wookie AND called it bad stuff AND Sara is friends with Dwight, so making fun of him would make Sara mad at Harvey ( funny fact: Harvey is the name of a RESTRAINT up here in Canada!)
SFMichael 1 DAY AGO
Yeah, but boys sometimes do mean things to girls if they like them… Also how did he hate dwight??? Because he proved sara likes tommy!!!
superstookynessman 1 DAY AGO
Still, Harvey isn’t dumb enough to make fun of Dwight IN FRONT of her.
SFMichael 1 DAY AGO
Read my comment on ur post above… plus he is trying to get attention… Also people DO make fun of people, he must be trying to get laughs, or be the class clown. Then he probably developed his personality
superstookynessman 17 HOURS AGO
Dude, I wouldn’t make fun of my crush’s friend…………if I HAD a crush.
I agree with superstookyman. In fact the only time I ever saw something like that was with Ash and Misty.
SirFoldsaLot 2 DAYS AGO
wookiewolf 2 DAYS AGO
and I agree
wookiewolf 2 DAYS AGO
my friend already made this theory
So, Tom is the theory correct, or is mine closer?

Feel free to Harveyship in the comments.

An official OY movie?

Adrian01 22 HOURS AGO
Hey tom have you ever thought of making an origami Yoda movie? If you do can I be Dwight? Pleeeeeeeeaaaaaaaassssssseeee?
Dude, you can’t just get a role like that, there is try outs, searches, etc. the only person who could get a role in the OY movie in less than an hour is SF JC. JC does an epic Harvey impression.
TomAngleberger 8 HOURS AGO
There is still no news (neither public nor secret) about an OY movie. It doesn’t look like it will happen.
Yes, JC is a great Harvey!
Wait, why’d you say “secret”. You wouldn’t have brought it up if it wasn’t real.

That was a conversation on… Could there really be an OY movie?


Ok, so I was looking up Pokemon X and Y on the Internet because I like Marriland’s strategy guide, and I found out that there is a bug in luimose city. If you save in certain parts of the city, your save file gets corrupted. I’ve saved in luimose city, so I guess I just got lucky. Nintendo is working to fix the glitch, and put the fix on the eshop, but until then, I can tell you how to protect yourself.
1. Don’t save unless you are in the building if you are in the outer circle of the city. The outer circle is basically the whole problem, so don’t save there.
2. Don’t save unless you are in the tower area, the prism tower area seems to be safe from the map I saw. But I think in one area, you get messed up. I think the map is on IGN so I might post the link.
3. Don’t save in the city at ALL. Until it gets fixed, don’t Dave there at all. Don’t connect to the Internet to go to GTS, PPS, or anything. If you want to get to the Internet, go to the gates and get out if you want to save.

UPDATE: 4. Go to this link to see the map of corrupted areas.
Blue is bad.
Pokeballs are pokemon centers, so those are the best places to save.

Your welcome for telling you.

UPDATE: Nintendo has put the fix on the eshop.