New site mascots!

Our mascots are:
Spyro the origami president!
Pikachu the fan fic star
And Spongebob Squarepaper


What is SOPA?

I better explain SOPA for the SOPA is Stupid party.
SOPA is a government thing that would basically ban fan-fiction from the Internet. This would include our gravitars, fan fic stories, fan art, online RP, etc. So, I am going to post a bunch of videos of me playing games on Roblox that are based on an actual copyrighted thing.

Pokemon Madness

So in may, I did this thing called “Pokemon May Madness”. I lost the sheet, so I called it off. Now I’ve found it, so I’m going to do it on this site. So far, winners are:


So now, let’s do the next battles. To do these, just vote on your favorite Pokemon, or test them out in battle yourself using your games. My family has voted on some too.
Today’s Battles:
Feebas vs. Magicarp
Latios vs. Latias

If you vote, you vote for both or your vote is deleted.