Dumbest Amazon Review EVER

I purchased this item with the hopes of playing some Quidditch. The game looks so great in the movies that I simply had to play it myself. I bought some brooms, one red dodge ball to serve as a Quaffle, and two oversized softballs in place of the Bludgers. Then I loaded up my 1974 Chevy El Camino and drove to the playground.

Despite the near ubiquitous nature of the Harry Potter series, none of the kids wanted to play with me. Maybe I picked the one playground in America where the children had no idea what Quidditch is, but all of the kids I approached backed away from me and claimed not to know what I was talking about. Has it really been too long? Has America forgotten about Harry Potter?

I was disappointed, but that didn’t stop me from playing Quidditch. I tossed the Golden Snitch into the air and jumped on my broom. I’m not an idiot, I know that brooms don’t actually fly, but for a moment I thought that I could actually see the Snitch flutter to life. Alas, it crashed into the mud like all of my dreams. The wings don’t even really flap – not like they do in the movies anyway. I played out there for a little over an hour, until someone had the audacity to call the police. Apparently a 30 something man in a trench coat rolling around in the mud at the playground is something to be feared. Perhaps I should have shaved off my beard and worn pants.

That said, for the price I paid, it’s a pretty good deal.

One word of caution, this is an oversized Snitch. It does not fit in your mouth like the one in the movies. Trust me on this one folks.

Uhh.. A 30 year old man playing quidditch?

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