oy legos

oy legos ljeff

oy legos lunch table

oy legos minifigs

oy minifigs

oy minifigs t,k,d,oy

oylego stage

here are some OY LEGOs. SOmeone make an OY CUUSOO account and put these up. The first person to comment will get to make the account. Then we can tell Tom the password and all the other stuff he needs to get in to it, then we can support it. (actually, you might not get to make the account, i might make it)



Hey everyone, I am in a hotel room in philadelphia. It’s nice here. It took forever for them to et our rooms ready though. I got here at 3:00 pm in the Philly time zone. I might do a review of the moshulu restaurant. I’m also going to say that MY STUUF GOT STOLEN!! When we got off the plane and got to the bag claim area, the keychains on my bag were gone. THEY GOT STOLEN BY SOMEONE WORKING THERE!!! I plan to send them a strongly worded email.

First Spam.

Today marks the first time spam shows up on my site. Someone named Mandy was advertising for a site that would “help” me get more traffic. Mandy, if you’re reading, then you should know I don’t like spam. I don’t click on links in spam comments nor allow them to pass moderation.