Scout Camp

I’m going to scout camp for a week and I will be back on Friday (I think) If I don’t get on for a month, I either died, or just don’t like the website. (I hopefully won’t die. LOL)

And for all of you who are gulible, SF ARTOO DOESN’T HAVE ROBOT HANDS! They haven’t designed those yet. And artoo never said he got in a car crash. He just said he was typing with Luke hands. He probably meant he was a fast typer.


3 thoughts on “Scout Camp

  1. One of my classmates was in a horrible accident, where his hand came off. Now, he’s back at school with a robotic hand!

    • Doctors haven’t made robotic hands yet. They are still developing them. You friend might be doing beta, but artoo probably doesn’t have robot hands. There is a VERY small chance he does.

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