Viewers are going…

A lot of the views have been dropping. If we get 1000 views, I will throw a party.



When I was in first grade, I made up my own Pokemon called “Croak”. The new Pokemon Froakie, looks just like Croak only Croak looks like froakie without the bubble. And croak has two blastoise-like-canons. So I’m choosing Froakie as my starter and getting Fennikin and Chespin with wi fi.
Look at my new gravitar.

Z = not going to happen

Everyone thinks that there is going to be a Pokemon Z after X and Y. Let me tell you now, there is a 99.99% chance that wil not happen. Look at the title for the Japanese versions of the games.
You see that DNA thing in there?
You get genes from each parent. These genes then become pairs of code to create you. Males only get XY pairs, females only get XX pairs. The genes are basically inside your DNA.
They might make X and Y 2 or Pokemon XY or something like that, but Pokemon Z doesn’t have much of a chance.

X and Y

Yes, I’m back from camp. I will tell about it later.
Anyways, Pokemon X and Y is coming! So, what starter are you choosing? (I’m using Wi-Fi to get them all) What game are you choosing? Are you jealous of your character because they can skate and you can’t? Tell me in the comments.
UPDATE: Sup dudes, I got it today! GameStop stocked up on too many posters, so I got one for free!

UPDATE: I completed the game in a week! That’s the fastest I’ve ever completed a pokemon game! I also caught mewtwo! I used my master ball on it because I used an ultra ball on Yvetal!
My friend code is on the “Contact me” page, so friend me if you want!

Scout Camp

I’m going to scout camp for a week and I will be back on Friday (I think) If I don’t get on for a month, I either died, or just don’t like the website. (I hopefully won’t die. LOL)

And for all of you who are gulible, SF ARTOO DOESN’T HAVE ROBOT HANDS! They haven’t designed those yet. And artoo never said he got in a car crash. He just said he was typing with Luke hands. He probably meant he was a fast typer.